Site Maintenance and Repair Services
Main Systems can provide a range of essential support services...
  • Emergency Response
  • On site manufacture of Busbars and supports
  • Replacement of door furniture
  • Replacement of damaged metering or components
  • Ingress Protection checks
  • Life review
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Dismantling and panel removal/disposal
We can Rectify and Repair issues as a consequence of...
  • Arc Flashes
  • Insulation Failures
  • Loose connections
  • Over temperature/load tripping
  • Moisture ingress
  • Busbar damage
  • Accidental damage, enclosures, meters, handles, lock & hinges
  • Age
"Thankfully not a Main Systems panel", but any operator should be aware of this potential risk if panels have been left for long periods without any internal inspection, maintenance or cleaning regime in place. Main Systems can work with you to minimise risk, improve safety, operability and reliability over the operational life of the system.
And deal with a range of general problems and severe faults, which include...
  • Loose connections. Yearly maintenance should include a torque test of main Busbar joints
  • Dust and vermin ingress, causing shorts and trips
  • High resistant joint failure - loss of phase
Periodic cleaning of panels should be carried out to ensure long-term, reliable and safe operation. Without any internal cleaning, severe problems may result.
  • High temperature thermal fail - devices and adjacent equipment
  • Arc flashover
An Arc Flash is caused by a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between one phase Bus bar and another, a neutral, or ground. Faults can be caused by dropped tools, unintentional contact, build-up of conductive dust, corrosion or particulate matter. Such faults will result in intense heat (up to 20,000degC), thermoacoustic Shockwave (160db), shrapnel, intense light and toxic smoke (arc blast expansion 40,000:1).
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