Our Green Policy...

"We recognise that our impact on the environment should be minimised and are therefore committed to ensuring we have the smallest carbon footprint possible, whilst continually developing & managing energy efficient solutions for both client and in house use."

Our determination to improve, has resulted in;
  • Reduction of scrap through maximising material utilisation.
  • Reduction of energy use through the installation of Heat Pumps and lighting controls.
  • Reduction of process emissions through the installation of a hermetically sealed Pre-treatment plant.
  • Reductions in fuel and vehicle use by working closely with our clients.
  • The reusing of Pallets and Packaging materials.
  • Recycling 99% of Metal, Cardboard, Paper, Glass and Recyclable Plastic waste.
  • Minimising paper use within the office environment.
  • Designing energy efficient components into our systems
  • Incorporating enhanced features such as voltage regulation into our panels.
  • Managing & minimising electrical usage throughout the entire company.
  • Maintaining a knowledge base for technologies that have been proven to produce energy saving benefits.
  • Developing strategies to help our clients meet their obligations with regard to Energy Management.

Good environmental practice is a core value in our business and is communicated and demonstrated throughout the organisation. Our intention is to  integrate the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 into our existing QMS as we work towards accreditation.

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