High-Tech Automation

We’ve invested heavily to create our Highly-automated sheet-metal works... Acquiring in-house capabilities including...
  • Finn-Power Shear Genius  & Centrum 3000 Turret Punch Presses
  • Promecam & Amada CNC Press Brakes
  • Mig, Tig & Arc welding
  • Spot-welding and presses up to 63 tons
  • Hermetically-sealed fully-automated and Environmentally-compliant degreasing plant
  • Powder-coating paint plant
  • Variable-zone infra-red oven
  • Copper-cutting, punching & forming facility..... Allowing us to produce high-quality bespoke Cabinets & Busbars at competitive prices.

What are the Options

For more details of our standard range and options... plus the sort of tough working-conditions we can help you handle...just click on this image below...
What we Offer

We can build bespoke steel enclosures specifically designed to meet your non-standard needs...
  • for unusual sizes
  • for irregular shapes
  • for awkward spaces
  • for innovative applications
  • for labour-saving assembly
  • for demanding environments
  • for perfect modular assembly
Floor Standing
Wall Mounted - Floor Standing
Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted - Floor Standing
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