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Creating Intelligent Switchgear Systems

For almost 40 years we have specialised in creating intelligent low-voltage switchgear systems.....using our extensive experience and thorough understanding to craft solutions precisely meeting your specific needs plus the ability to reliably deliver them fast enough to meet even the most-demanding of time scales giving you:
  • Bespoke solutions precisely meeting your needs
  • In-depth technical knowledge and design expertise
  • Short lead times
  • High-tech in-house fabrication and assembly facilities
  • Superior build quality providing complete flexibility
  • Life cycle support & maintenance
  • Legislative compliance
  • Critical power assessment
  • System installation & commissioning
  • Extensive pre-contract and post contract customer care
  • PDU remote monitoring
  • Cmatic node monitoring
  • C-matic

Telephone: 01273 612000
E-mail : sales@main-systems.co.uk

Unique Challenges

Over the years, we have also responded to individual requests asking us to overcome a wide variety of daunting technical problems which is the sort of challenge we always find
impossible to resist.


ISO 9001 2000

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